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"We are dedicated to providing healthcare and health education to indigent patients in the Philippines, Hawaii, and other countries. We are committed to providing outstanding medical, surgical and dental services so that no patient is denied treatment because of financial, social, or political circumstance." This is our MISSION

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Thank you for visiting the Ohana Medical Mission website. Having now been involved with the Ohana Medical Missions organization for several years, I realize that the work of so many is essential to our success. I would like to personally thank all of you who dedicate your time, effort, expertise and cash to these projects to help our less fortunate brethren.

The Ohana Medical Mission schedules at least one medical mission every year to the Philippines. Planning is done two years in advance. If you wish to have a mission in your town. Please contact us through this website and we will gladly discuss the details with you.

The challenges of fundraising and organizing for these missions are always hard but the need is great. Our calling is to help our fellow men and women, and this is a great way to answer the call. So let us all pitch-in for the people we left behind.

May I say God bless us all and our fellow men.

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Russell Kelly, MD


Ohana Medical Missions: A Revisit to the Philippines

14th Ohana Medical Mission

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